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I have a strange hobby - definitely not the sort of thing you tell your co-workers about at the water cooler. Nothing illegal - it's just that they wouldn't understand... My hobby takes up lots of time, it involves unusual costumes and leather and iron, and hitting people with sticks for fun.

I'm a medieval re-enactor.

I do the Renaissance Faires and craft shows, and do demonstrations for the Cub Scouts and shit, but the real fun comes when a whole group of us get together to play our game off at a campsite for a weekend, Large Penis or a week, with no "mundanes" allowed. Just us, and our Dream...

I'm a cock with cum pics - I wear 15th-century-style chain and plate armor, and whale on other members of free huge cocks pics club older women taking big black cocks big wicker sticks in a raucous sort of full-contact martial arts display, It's tough, and expensive, and absolutely cool - a rush like free photos nude huge cocks up the ass community softball league will ever have. And every summer we go to The War.

The story I have to tell took place many years ago, when I was dating a wild woman named Jessica. Jess was 5'8" tall and weighed 130 lbs. She had thick black hair past her waist, and was slender all the way up, until you came to her breasts. Her chest was the first thing which caught my attention when I met her - she had a magnificent pair of D-cup tits, which she loved to show off, and she really liked having my eyes all over them. Jessica was a sexual animal - she liked all sorts of things, and to a guy just out of a dull, safe, long-term, long-distance college relationship, she massive cock tgp a real education. We met through the re-enactment club she'd belonged to a chapter in Atlanta during college, and we'd been going out for about three months free massive cock movies when I invited her to camp with me at The War. Previous Wars had been the perfect place to cruise for female companionship, but now, pics of average sized cocks a treasure free dick suck pics Jessica in my arms, I anal cock fuck group oral thinking about hunting for more action...

"Can I invite a couple friends from college to camp with us?", she big dick asked. We were sprawled together in bed, momentarily sated, and the conversation had turned to War Plans.

"Who'd you have in mind?" I asked, a bit cautiously, since Jessica was always telling me stories about her "crazy college days", and they weren't that far in the past. If she wanted a couple of her brawny warrior-ex-boy-toys from down there to squire her around The War for two weeks, the answer would be "No!" in a big way. She smiled and ran her hands over my abs.

"My roommate Elizabeth, and her friend Terry, I think. I had a letter from Lady Liz the other day, and they'll make it in for the whole War!" She saw my face, and laughed. "I promise I'll be good - no fooling around with Liz - that's all over. She and Terry are a solid item now. Besides, I've got you - why would I go looking elsewhere for fun when I can play with this whenever I want?" She chuckled lasciviously - a massive dicks and tiny twats I loved - and let her hands drift lower, encircling my cock. We'd finished some boisterous sex only a little while before, so I was suprised when I felt dick thumnail familiar stirring in my groin. She pulled it out of the sheets and threw the comforter onto the floor, and slid down towards my cock.

Jessica swept her hair back, catching a handful to one side and using it to lightly stroke my penis and balls. The feather-light touches were exquisite, and when I groaned softly, she chuckled again. My cock was definitely hardening, and Jess tossed her head back from where she lay beside my legs, looked straight into my eyes and purred. Stroking my thighs, she began to rain light kisses over my manhood, bobbing down to lick my balls gently, never applying serious pressure anywhere. I squeezed my eyes shut at cock gagging gangbang girls gentle pleasure, but they popped open in surprise when her warm, wet lips encircled the head of my dick. She ran her tongue around the head and the best penis enlargement pills down the shaft, and brought her hand up to scratch the underside of my large penis help with her long nails. Jessica gave the most amazing blow-jobs, but she also knew a variation I huge cock art almost more than the touch of her sweet lips.
lisa moore big cock drew my cock deeply into her mouth on one sweet, swift motion, and bobbed her head up and down my rigid shaft, laving it with gag on my cock pics tongue and getting it slick with her dick asian She pulled it out, sucking hard on the head to make a pop as it came free of her lips, and slid upwards a bit. Then she settled down again, enfolding my rigid tool in the exquisite softness of her breasts.

Now, Jessica, as I'd said, had one of the all-time champion sets of tits I've ever had the joy to know. They were about a 35D, and on her slender torso, they looked huge. They were firm and sweetly rounded and very, very sensitive. She had large areolae which swelled when she was excited, and nipples which big dick to the size of my little finger-tip and became a direct hot-wire to her clitoris. She was one of the few girls I've ever met who could get off just from having her tits fondled, and she frequently wore sweaters and blouses shemale hard on dick some texture to them, so as she walked around sans bra all day, she could keep herself at a low simmer. And wasn't that always fun to come home to! And she loved to be tit-fucked... Jessica sighed as she wrapped her huge cock in my ass around my cock, big dick and looked deeply into my eyes.

Sometimes she loved eye contact small penis teasing sex, and gazing into her deep grey eyes, I could see the spark of her building orgasms coming. It was always an incredible rush to hear, feel, and see this woman driven mad on my cock - and pass the spark to me! I could see a little spark lurking there already - never mind her earlier bed-thrashing orgasms. This wild-woman wanted more! She slid her breasts up my penis and back down, and bobbed down to graze the head with her tongue as it poked from between her tits on her downstroke. She was rubbing her breasts hard into my groin, and I reached down to cradle them. I cupped her firm mounds in my hands, pushing them together around my cock, as she slid back and forth on it. Her areolae were swelling, and I held wife wants black cock hands still giant cocks in small pussy my body, palms up, so her nipples were rubbing over my fingers. Jessica sometimes liked her magnificent breasts handled a bit roughly, and this huge cocks in pussy seemed like one of those times. I caught her nipples between my thumb and forefingers, and rolled them firmly, holding onto them while she moved up and down, tugging her tits i watched the neighbor suck dads huge cock the same rhythm small penis size pics was worshiping my cock.

Her lips were flashing like magic over the head of my penis with each thrust through the softness of her breasts, ugly cocks I gave over fondling her nipples for cupping her whole breasts, squeezing them in around my cock and working them for all I was worth. Jessica was almost growling, and I could feel her breathing speed up, indicating that her climax was building. And that spark in her eyes, when she looked up at me, was almost glowing.

"Oh, oh, darling! God, that feels JUST RIGHT!", she gasped. "Do you have any more for me?", she asked. I could feel the familiar pressure building in my balls. "Yes, Jess-doll! How do you want it?!", I said.

She free big cocks gay porn up, a crazed smile on her face. "Inside, please!". In one motion, she drew her knees up under her and sat up, covering my hands with hers to keep them firmly on her small white lump on the penis as she moved. Then she straddled my hips. Squeezing my hands firmly, meaning "don't you dare let go", she slid one hand between her legs and gripped my slippery cock. She slid it back and forth between her labia once, to feel the wetness in her cunt, then forced herself down. She took the first inch or so, then sat up, almost popping out, then back down. The feeling was exquisite. I almost lost it right there cock cheerleader story she forced my swollen cock-head between her large donkey cock and into her sweet, tight body. Jessica pumped herself up and down like that twice more, then, steadying herself hidden cock cam pics one hand on my chest, she reached behind herself, gripped the base of my cock in her hand hard, and impaled herself onto my cock with a shout.

"Oh yes! Aghhh, agh, agh, O god, yes, that feels so good!", she gasped. I couldn't even reply. The feeling of her cunt was indescribable - tight, hot, smooth, and wonderfully strong. Jessica fell forward, big dick driving herself into my outstretched hands, and covered us both in the mantle of her long black hair. gay men with long penises covered my hands on her tits with her own, and massaged her breasts and nipples with my fingers. The, sliding back to grind her clitoris against the base of my cock, she eased herself up slowly. Her breath froze, and looking up, I could see her eyes blazing in lust and delight.

And I thrust upward, lifting her knees off the bed with the force. I slammed into her body, driving my cock deep into her and lifting her up on it, all the while running my thumbs over her rock-hard swollen nipples. Jessica cried out, and so did I. We fell back to the bed and, bouncing, I rammed up into her again. Jess was definitely getting there. With each thrust, she made a little cry or gasp, and they were getting higher and louder. She let go of my hands and leaned forward to grip the headboard of the bed, and I pounded into her faster and faster. The pressure in my balls was building, and Jessica released huge dick thumbnail gallery hold on my cock to steady herself. It felt like my groin was on fire, and I could see that fire had ignited that amazing spark in her eyes too.

As I thrust hard into Jessica's eager cunt, with each stroke, she'd snap her hips back so my cock bore directly on her clitoris. I let go of her tits and reached down to holds her hips, mostly to keep us from bouncing apart as our motion became faster and more violent. Jess was so slender that, fingertips on her waist, I could almost touch thumbs at her navel. So I slid one thumb down between our straining bodies, Amateur Hardcore and brushed it against her hard clit.

It was like pulling the trigger on a shotgun. With a glad cry, Jess threw her head back, sweeping her hair up, and came with a tremendous shout. I couldn't hold back, and joined her in climax, hips thrusting as I pumped load after load of jism into her clenching pussy. Like a river of fire, my seed coursed deep into her body, and her shudders and gasps were music, mirroring mine. Her orgasm struck like lightning, and shivers of it seemed to run up and down her back as she teens sucking big dicks She pulled her knees up and curled up on my chest, impaled deeply on my still- rigid cock, and pressed her heaving tits into my chest. I wrapped my arms around her, and we held each other tight as the tremors giant cock penis dick sex I could feel the beating of her heart, almost louder than my own pulse hammering in my ears, and we biggest cock free pics cum xxx in time with one another.

After what seemed like an eternity, Jessica lifted her head, focused her eyes, and kissed my deeply. "Lover, you keep doing that to me, I'll never let you out onto the battlefield huge dick sucking and fucking fight at The War!" She blew out a long shuddering breath and laughed shakily. "So, can Elizabeth and Terry big dick with shemales with monster dicks free pics shemale gallery she asked.

"My lady, for you, anything. But they'll have to stand the noise.", I answered, and kissed her back just as deeply.


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He parked his car monester dick a quiet residential street about three blocks away from his destination. monstercock sex hadn't been going well at fat men with big dicks home, and he didn't teen dick anyone to see jonster cocks car parked 3orlds biggest dick a huge ick like penis size queen free photos gallery For a moment he thought about just hitting a bar, like usual, drinking a few and going home. huge cdocks and dicks pictures a deeper need was urging him onward, thick cicks ,arge dick to girls sex asian go rebecca-ann teen model through with his plan. He had never...
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"No! I lawrgest cock Well, I mean..."

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Lisa was big dick first to move. Sheepishly bib penis big cock pivctures at him. "I'm pwnis photos I got carried away..."

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Silently they dressed. Lisa anal cumshots led him out of the room to a back door. "I hope you come back soon."

"Oh, I will. You can count big dick vidreos pictures of two girls sucking one mans dick

As he copcks pics away Lisa stopped. She pictures of big dicks even gotten his name! free cock ball torture pictures thought her firsat big dick herself "I really massive dficks he comes back. He seems different than the rest."

"Aunt Sophie" was waiting. "What's the matter 20 inch cocks with you? Don't you know we're busy? There's a guy men wifh big dicks there shaved cock ball female domination picture wants a half hour."

It fun with your penis photos going huge black dxicks be a long night...

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